Gunrise Series




Whether you call it “blaze orange” or “hunter-safety orange” or “fluorescent pink”, these are your only colors required for hunting. You’ve watched camouflaged clothing evolve for decades, and wearing camo isn’t even required by law. Have you ever sweated in a blazed cotton shirt or one that hardly breathes, drenched after walking through an upland field or a long trek through the woods? That’s why we’re blazing the highest quality performance fabric on the market, and how blazed hunting gear is joining the 21st century. Find relief with these features: quick-drying, soft and comfortable, protects you from the elements and so stylish you can wear them anywhere.

1 review for Gunrise Series

  1. chad

    Best dang shirt I own… Works every time! Been hunting a dozen times in it and haven’t been shot once!

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